Lunch with Maxim Jago

Maxim Jago is a media trainer, presenter, award-winning writer, and film director. He’s also an Adobe Master Trainer and author. He presents regularly at media events, has trained editors all around the world, and has taught everyone from schoolchildren to university professors, from ABC’s top editors in Australia to the BBC’s tech gurus in the UK. Visit his website at

Maxim Key Image

Maxim Jago began directing at 16, and studied film at the Bournemouth and Pool College of Art and Design, and then the Farnham Art college (later named the Surrey Institute of Art & Design). While studying, he worked continually on new projects, trying new roles and collaborating with all comers. After leaving Farnham, he embarked on a series of short films, going on to produce and direct Trust Me, a feature length documentary about the work of abstract theatre director, Richard Foreman.

Our longest lunch definitely covered the widest range of topics.

Introduction – Who is Maxim Jago: trainer, filmmaker, futurist   0’ 15″
Future Change  2’ 49”
AI Editing System  6’ 14”
What is the Self?  9’  08”
The value of Metadata  11’ 37”
The ‘reality’ of time and space  14’ 02”
Philip on developing First Cuts  14’ 50”
Maxim’s feature request  17’  05”
Maxim’s career start  20’ 00”
     The purpose of life  28’ 41”
Being cool under pressure  32’ 45”
The solution to racism  35’ 20”
How to punch  38’ 24”
Personal growth and development  39’ 12”
Spirituality and religion  40’07”
Documentary on telepathy and quantum entanglement  47’ 02”
Maxim’s ‘James Bond’  project and copyright  51’  25”
Biggest change you expect in the rest of your career  57’ 08”
We have to make living free  1’ 04’ 09”
Biggest change during your career  1’ 05’ 39”