Lunch with Mike Matzdorff

Mike Matzdorff is a writer, director, editor, assistant editor and has composed the score for one indie film and a stage play. He has spent over 20 years in editing rooms of feature films and Emmy winning television shows, including Fight Club, Analyze This, Last Comic Standing and Monk.

He was the first assistant editor on FOCUS – the first major film edited on Apple’s Final Cut X software – and wrote a book on the experience loaded with real world tips, tricks, and proven workflow techniques (check

Recently, Mike has been: a keynote speaker at the FCPX Creative Summit, a guest lecturer at the University of Illinois & San Diego Fina Cut User Group, and led a panel at a special event featuring Final Cut Pro X hosted by the American Cinema Editors.

He’s currently editing animation for Duncan Studio in Pasadena and helms his production company miguma.

Mike Matzdorff

Introduction  0’ 10”

Career Start and choices  1’ 02”

Dealing with Change  5’ 10”

Working Efficiently  6’ 05”

Working on Focus  7’ 21”

Setting Industry Standard workflows and teaching them  9’ 16”

Make the industry you want to work in  11’ 52”

Standard workflows and Avid  13’ 08”

Benefits of a base-line standard workflow  13’ 41”

Biggest change so far  14’ 43”

Distribution Platforms  17’ 34”

Future change?  19’ 10”

Making more free time  21’ 33”

Work/life balance  23’ 21”

Final Cut Pro X and producers  28’ 48”

Working faster  30’ 21”

backLogger history  32’ 14”

Being faster in FCP X  33’ 03”

Alice to younger self  36’ 10”

Contact Mike  36/ 38”