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What is Philip reading?

I could not function without RSS driven news feeds. I like NetNewsWire as my client and currently subscribe to something like 294 feeds. (Is that a lot? I certainly couldn’t visit that many web sites repeated times a day to find what’s interesting.)

In addition to these specific articles that I read in depth instead of just scanning the headlines, there were general news items from the US and Australia, and a couple of tutorials that will be added to the BuZZdex today. (I’m still doing that to help Larry Jordan out.) There are also about 20 email groups that come via Mail.

So, the day after iPhone 3.0 software announcement, and all things Irish, here’s what I’ve been reading this morning, and why.

NBCU’s Zucker Calls Out Jon Stewart: Blaming CNBC Is ‘Absurd’

The thoughts of the President of NBCU are always interesting. These types of summary articles also give insight into statistics. Interesting that Zucker thinks that NBCU is a “cable company” (rather than broadcast) and that they are now at “digital dimes” for digital content, up from digital pennies.

How is Avid faring in this tough economy? – Response

A response on the “Chat with Avid” blog from Kirk Arnold. Any comments from companies important in our industry is worth reading. (They’re doing ok but watching the economy carefully.)  In another post Kirk suggests people come to NAB for “the conversations”.

Streaming TV on ABC and MTV Is Profitable

NewTeeVee is a useful blog. Like the NBCU article this one is interesting for the data points it provides.

Google Provides Numbers On Just How Often DMCA Takedown Process Is Abused

Copyright, and the way DMCA takedown notices are being seriously abused by “big media” and those who want to drive out competitors is a subject area I follow closely. This provides some useful statistics.

How-to: building services into iPhone applications

While we’ll probably never build an iPhone application, never say never! So I maintain interest in articles on creating iPhone apps against the day we’ll decided to make one, or create one on behalf of a client.

The benefits of history

Frankly I read every post on Seth Godin’s blog. Marketing is an area where I can improve and his advice is more “out of the box” than most. Always good insight. This one is particularly challenging since we think Assisted Editing will “change the world”. So far I can’t think of who else has tried and failed at this.

Entrepreneurs vs. VCs

While we’re not currently planning to raise money from Venture Capital, I’m always interested in knowing about the process, in the hope that if we do ever need to go through that process, I’ll be informed and prepared. Brad Feld is always a good read.

Zucker Loves Hulu, But He’s About To Kill It

Who wouldn’t read this, given the headline? A different take on Jeff Zucker’s comments about Hulu. Apparently digital dimes aren’t worth much more than digital pennies?

iPhone 3.0 now with SquirrelFish Extreme?

I have a long standing belief that Apple will never allow Flash on their digital devices nor their own website. Instead they’re going down the path of HTML 5 and Javascript for Rich Internet Applications. With 30 million iPhone/iTouch sold that’s the world’s second largest platform not supporting Flash. (I figure there are less than 30 million Macs in use, it’s close and if not yet, the mobile OS X will have more uses than the desktop version). If website owners want to reach those people, they need something other than Flash, and Apple make it easier with improved Javascript speed. The Ajaxian blog is valuable to anyone programming web applications.

Client Collaboration and the IKEA Effect

While I’m not a lawyer (and don’t even play one on the Internet) the [non]billable hour always has great marketing insights for any sort of service company. And a consultancy – the Big Brains for Rent – is part of our business. Get clients involved in solving their own problems is the take-away here.

Major Book Publishers Start Turning To Scribd

I’m interested in self publishing – I think the technical book model will change to updatable pdfs and print on demand for those who want hard copy, so I’m interested in any developments in that space.

Mobile TV Backers Figuring Out That People Don’t Want To Pay For It

 I remain skeptical about “mobile video” although no-one has really defined where the demand is, or where the business model is. 

Vonage Pro now compatible with Macs

We’ve got Macs and we’ve been exclusively Vonage for “land lines” for more than 5 years now so why wouldn’t I be interested?

That’s what’s caught my eye this morning. I’ll probably look at other stories later in the day.