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What to use to archive non-tape media?

When Larry Jordan sent me out on the Exhibit Floor to find out what Panasonic, JVC, Sony and hard drive manufacturers recommended for long-term storage for non-tape media, and the answer surprised us both: Blu-ray.

Here’s the interview from the Digital Production BuZZ where I explain my findings.






2 responses to “What to use to archive non-tape media?”

  1. Rich

    Interesting that those Blu-ray recommendations come from Blu-ray manufacturers. Maybe they think everyone is shooting 30-second commercials.

    I capture on 16 gig cards so I may or may not get two cards on a single-layer disc. I shoot high-def and my last project was 700 gigs. That would take 28 Blu-ray disks and many hours to back up. I can get tera-byte drives for less than $100 and it’s a whole faster to transfer and retrieve the data.

    Why would I use Blu-ray?

    1. Makes little sense to me either, since projects are generally in the Terrabyte region these days, as you say. My recommendations are still RAID 5 or 6 or to data tape backup.