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Stroome builds community features to online editing application

Stroome builds community features to Kultura online editing app. I don’t think Avid need be worried by this competition to the upcoming cloud editing effort (mentioned in my previous post).

Stroome allows users to upload footage and mix these clips with photos, audio tracks and other video footage available online in a video editor that resembles something like iMovie, albeit with less features. The resulting video can then be saved as a project and shared with either a closed group of collaborators or the entire Stroome community. The final video can be shared through various social networks, but there’s no function to republish content on YouTube or any other video sharing site yet.

And from Avid:

At NAB, Avid is demonstrating technology that aims to fulfill the vision: edit anywhere, on anything. Behind this vision are some core beliefs:

• We believe you should be able to access your media anywhere-without copying it.

• We believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about codecs and formats for either ingest or delivery. Everything should just work.

• We believe that you should be able to edit in the edit bay, in the cafeteria, at home, on location, in the airport lounge, or even at 33,000 feet-without compromise.

• We believe that if the only hardware you have with you is a netbook-you should still be able to edit.

• We believe that not just media, but software too can be streamed to the laptop-truly making any computer an editor.

You probably have those same beliefs. And if seeing is believing, you’ll just have to come check out our web-based editing technology demo at NAB.

I think I smell a trend. Not for everyone today or tomorrow (bandwidth for media upload remains a concern even though downstream bandwidth seems to work ok) but this type of collaborative editing tool is coming. Oh, and in the Media Composer-esque Java App there’s a nice little “Export {timeline} to Final Cut Pro XML”. It was then I began to believe that Avid does stand for “Open” and “Collaborative” as they had been telling us.