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Meet The YouTube Stars Making $100K per year.

Meet The YouTube Stars Making $100,000 Plus Per Year

It’s hard to make a decent living off YouTube but there are those who do it successfully and this list of 10 individuals making over $100,000 a year explains how they achieved it.

Here’s how they got their estimates:

  • Revenue only comes from banner ads served near content (we ignored pre-roll or overlay since we can’t easily isolate by publisher).
  • Since YouTube banner ads have a two-second load delay, we estimate 2.59% of viewers click away before an ad loads based on separate research.
  • Ads were served near all videos that loaded (since there are partners, this is generally true).
  • CPM for the banner ads was $1.50 (Google auctions a lot of this inventory off; we rounded this 2009 estimate down to be conversative).
  • YouTube is splitting ad revenue with partners 50-50.