Vimeo creates new tools to support and pay video makers

Vimeo creates new tools to support and pay video makers.

For those who want to go down the direct payment for their work route, Vimeo are adding services to professional accounts to bring those features.

The first tool is called  Tip Jar, and it allows viewers to contribute money and support creators of video, who then get 85 percent of the amount donated. It can be activated by members of Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Pro, Vimeo’s paid services.

Vimeo is also planning to launch a new pay-to-view service that will let content creators put their work behind a paywall. A beta version will launch with limited set of feature films, and it will be made available to Vimeo Pro subscribers in early 2013.

So, 2013.  Hope you don’t starve between now and then, or have another business model. Fortunately there are lots of choices from direct sales, to bundling the media into an App.