3 thoughts on “Why I Love Keyword Ranges”

  1. Hi, Philip,

    I was looking at your book, and wanting to buy it, but it looks as if it was published in 2011, so won’t the nomenclature — Libraries, Events, etc.– be different from what’s in FCP X now?

    Or have you revised it?



    1. The book has not been revised so some of the terminology has changed, although libraries still contain Events and Projects. Most of the content will be migrated and updated at metadata.guru over the next month or so. If you can hold off you can get the updated content free.

  2. This capability of FCPX was the only reason i decided to go for it, I fell in love as soon as I saw it, it was the end of eternal hours of media classification. besides I never solved the problem of how to select the same clip on different selection bins, now I think back and subclips was the answer. But I don´t need it any more. Keyword Ranges is worth a thousand features for Documentary editing.

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