The present and future of post production business and technology

Take a Breath. AI isn’t coming for your job, not today anyway!

The rate of change in all areas AI related can be overwhelming. In fact the closer you follow it, the more overwhelming it becomes! Technologies that didn’t exist a year ago, are iterating so quickly it’s hard to keep up.

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to keep up, at least not just yet. Take a deep breath, relax and keep an open, and curious, mind. Just don’t be complacent.

Yes, AI is going to become part of our working lives. The tools are real and already useful, but fields like “Text to everything” are less than a year old. Even the experts are learning as we go.

But change will be relatively slow where most people work. As I’ve said before, the closer you are to “Hollywood” (film, TV, cable production) the slower the changes will come.

You will have time to kick some tires. So, be curious and seek out the apps that you think might make you more efficient. Apps or tools related to your area of creativity. Check out Jeff Foster’s updated lists of AI tools available now. I’ve linked to his author page because he keeps adding new articles with lists of AI tools.

You can take a breath, but the canna be complacent. Change will come. Smaller, independent teams who need to produce efficiently to compete, will benefit first. They are in a position where they must adapt or they will disappear. Case in point, everything (camera, sound, makeup, lighting, personnel) associated with shooting talking head video is already fighting strong competition from’s synthetic presenters.

There are new tools becoming available almost every day no matter what your interest in production. For example some new editing tools –, and Scenery – and an interesting iOS production studio with a lot of AI from Roll. Munch, and Opus can pull social media clips from long form content opening up libraries for social media. Soundraw for music, and of course RunwayML with their Gen 1 and Gen 2 text to animation tools, along with the dozens of other diffusion-based image and animation generators.

Find some tools that you’re interested in, or would make you more efficient, and play with them. Most have a free, or very close to free, membership level.

Breath, look around, but do not be complacent. Change is coming.