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  1. Hi Philip,

    I was wondering if this was a one time event or you plan to come back to NYC again to repeat the seminar. I just found out about this event and have a prior comment tomorrow.

    Also, there’s no real explanation as to what will be discussed — perhaps some bullet points might help. Did you know that your event wasn’t listed on DCTV’s site. It was very hard to find any info about the Distribution Workshop.

    I’m a board member of ASIFA East, the NYC animators association, and I believe information on distribution would be of interest to our members.

    I’m a longtime listener to the Digital Production Buzz — great podcast!

    CLiFF G.

  2. Hello

    I attended the Distribution Workshop at DCTV purely by chance. I found out about it the night before at around 1:00 in the morning. Knowing that I would still be up working for a few more hours I made the decision to attend. Who needs for sleep?
    I had never heard of Philip Hodgetts before that day.
    I so glad I went!

    Anyone who (wants to) produces content for web distribution would have left the event, like me, very enthused. The presentation offered authoritative technical know-how on content delivery and presented fascinating options for monetization. All distilled into a comprehensive 2 (2 1/2) hour session that sincerely got me very excited about what was possible for me as a filmmaker/producer.

    I have been telling all my filmmaker friends about it. Like Cliff, in the previous comment, I do hope Philip will return to the east coast (preferably NYC) just so I can bring others to see and hear his presentation. (and so I can sit through it again)

    All the best,

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