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Think Tank: Flip-thinking

Think Tank: Flip-thinking – the new buzz word sweeping the US

Most of the article is devoted to flipping the “input” vs “homework” parts of schoolwork on their head, but toward the end of the article the author attempts to theorize about what might happen if the principle is applied to movie distribution:

Or imagine flipping the sequence in the movie business. For blockbusters, the typical strategy is to open huge the first week, maintain the momentum for a while, and then come out on DVD when interest wanes. Alas, most films aren’t blockbusters. So for those sorts of movies, studios instead could first issue a low-price DVD or streaming video to build an audience. If the film proved popular, the studio could then release it to theatres – where early adopters and people who have heard the buzz could watch the film as a communal experience.






2 responses to “Think Tank: Flip-thinking”

  1. anonymous

    Really Phil, you think that would be a good idea…

    When everyone I know Torrents all the time.. (And I am not talking about tchy people. Plumbers, office workers.. etc. Not just computer people)
    If any low profile film comes out and is worth watching..
    You don’t expect it to be seen for free far before it can go back to get traction….

    We need to change the culture before we change the model.

    Or is that a chicken before the egg problem!!

    1. I just put ideas out there. Having seen a lot of business models that work around free content I thought it was a reasonable approach. And you can’t wait for new business models or cultural changes to be in place before old models get displaced.