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The second update for 7toX for Final Cut Pro is now approved and in the App Store.  Fixed in this release:

  • Markers on Browser clips are preserved in Event clips
  • Bug fix for some untranslatable XMLs
  • Bug fix for crash on import
  • Bug fix for nested sequences of Generators
  • Bug fix for nested sequences without audio.

All the XML files we’ve been sent now pass this versions, but as always, if you have an FCP 7 XML file that doesn’t translate well, please send it on to us at info @ (take out the spaces, of course).



Episode 42: Toys and Trips

Episode 42: Toys and Trips A new episode of The Terence and Philip Show.

Terry has been deciding what equipment to buy, while Philip has some very specific technology needs for the upcoming Solar Odyssey project. Naturally the MacPro’s future features in the discussion. Terry’s video monitoring solution has been found but he’s still looking for audio monitoring tools, without it being too expensive or too cheap.

Discussion continues about the relative future of iOS and OS X (recorded before the announcement of Mountain Lion and Final Cut Pro X 1.0.3) and applications that might run on them.

Philip discusses the technology needs for the Solar Odyssey project: producing a reality TV show about the journey on the solar powered vessel Ra, under solar power. All equipment needs to run off 12v. During the production new technologies will be developed (as Philip discussed on his blog). Philip also discusses the types of software solutions they will be developing during the project.

Episode 42: Toys and Trips

I am convinced that we will be benefiting from computer derived metadata, as I’m outlining in the (occasional, sadly) series of technology summaries, at some future time – likely early than we expect. However, that remains some time in the future, or in terms of usefulness now: not at all.

That doesn’t mean the demand for metadata will go down. If anything there is a growing demand for comprehensive metadata from the camera through to any possible future distribution and reuse of all or part of any project. Everything you’ve shot is only an asset if you can find it and use it again (including knowing what rights are associated with it). So, once again I’ve been thinking about the future of metadata for production automation, largely because it’s the only way I think we can hope to produce the Solar Odyssey TV Show, and because I was presenting on the subject in Boston in the middle of February. Both are forcing me to think on the subject. (more…)

20th Century Fox joins rush to produce made-for-the-Web shows We’ll see more of this.

20th Century Fox’s small Fox Digital Entertainment produces this web-only series, but we see all sorts of money being invested in programming destined to stay outside the traditional distribution channels.

The series brings feature film production values to the Internet, a medium that a few years ago was dominated by grainy user-generated videos of skateboarding dogs and kids singing karaoke.

The series’ release underscores two of the biggest trends in media: a rush by established companies, including Sony PicturesNetflix, Hulu and now Fox, to produce high-quality video for the Internet, and major advertisers’ demand for Hollywood-produced Internet content to promote products to young consumers who are more likely to be tethered to their laptops, tablets and smartphones than the television set.

Episode 41: The fallout from Bunim Murray’s NLE choice A new Terence and Philip Show

Starting with the decision to go to Media Composer at Bunim Murray, Terence and Philip discuss the state of NLEs today and the business behind them. Its a long show and it covers a lot.

Not surprisingly, Terry and I agree that Media Composer was Bunim Murray’s best choice, but from there…

Canadian musician outsources his indie video to Bangalore, beauty ensues

In a recent Terence and Philip Show we wondered whether outsourcing or automation would kill us first. Now we have an example of a music video being completely outsourced, with apparently great results. (more…)

We’ve submitted a bug-fix update for 7toX for Final Cut Pro to the App Store today – two days after release.  The bugs fixed in this release are: (more…)

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