7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.1 – Details on the Bug Fixes

We’ve submitted a bug-fix update for 7toX for Final Cut Pro to the App Store today – two days after release.  The bugs fixed in this release are:

  • Bug fix for DV 720×576 sequence settings
  • Bug fix for 44.1 kHz audio settings
  • Bug fix for 0% Speed Rate
  • Bug fix for markers on Generators
  • Bug fix for non-standard frame rates.

I feel particularly chagrined about the PAL related bug. Having lived in a PAL country (Australia) for most of my career, I was often on the receiving end of less-than-complete PAL support compared with the NTSC. Some may recall that FCP 1 did not officially support PAL at all. It didn’t stop me but it wasn’t officially supported.

These bugs were a surprise – particularly the 44.1 KHz one – as 7toX for Final Cut Pro has been the most-tested of any of our apps. It is, as I said, also the most complex by several orders of magnitude.

It takes a couple of days to get through the App Store update process, so I’d estimate the update being available by Feb 6 or 7.

We apologize to everyone who’s been bitten by these bugs.

Note: If ever you run into a problem translation, please send the XML file to info @ IntelligentAssistance.com (without the spaces). This helps us track down the problem and fix it.

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  1. Great work Philip. I’d be willing to wager you’ve got a hit on your hands…

    1. We’re very happy.

  2. Thanks for 7toX!

    Can I suggest a future feature? For those with extensive plugin collections for 7 and X, how about an ability for 7toX to accept a 7 plugin to X motion template mapping document. 7toX could then replace every instance of an effect in an 7 XML file with a chosen X effect. This would help people with FxFactory-based effects for example.

    1. I like the suggestion Alex. Will file it in our product ideas file. Might be a worthwhile inclusion at the update where we can input effect parameters via the XML.

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. Where can I get this update. The Version 1.0 doesn’t work on my system.

    1. Once approved in the App Store it will be available in the App Store software on your computer. Probably by Monday.

  5. FCP7 sequences appear in FCPX, but the bins do not appear. Why would this happen?

    1. Did you send a full project into the exported XML?

      1. That was my problem. I had selected the Timeline window and it was only sending one sequence.

        But I have a new problem. I selected the Browser window, then went to File>Export>XML. The window popped up and recognized all of my sequences and bins. I saved it as “Final Project.fcpxml.” That’s the good news. The bad news is FCPX only shows an event titled Final Project, but no bins or sequences.

        1. Same thing happened to me. I could convert & open xml from FCPX but there was no keyword collections or compound clips. I figured that out language setting could be one of the reason. I changed my language setting to english and converted the xml again and I could see the compound clips and keyword collection in my event. but that was it. after that 7toX keep fails to convert fcp7 xml and crash.

          1. Please send use the XML from FCP 7 that’s causing the problem. info @ intelligentassistance.com (without the spaces) so we can work out what’s going wrong.

  6. Any word on the update? I’m keen to buy it but it’s useless to me without PAL. Also any reason why it’s $13.99 in the Australian store and 10.49 in the U.S? It’s not a huge difference to me but it kind of bugs me that we’re getting charged more than the U.S. I’ll probably just buy it with a U.S account.

    1. We’ve been having some issues with the App Store, which have been escalated to a senior engineer, and we hope to have it resolved tomorrow. Really hopeful.

      As for the pricing, as a developer you set a “tier” pricing. Tier 10 – that’s what’s selected – equates to $9.99 in the US App Store but converted by Apple’s logic to the local currency of each store. They’re a little slow to adjust to the new reality of the US/AU $ exchange rate isn’t it? Something we don’t have control over, sorry.

      1. Thanks very much for the reply. It’s nice to have some understanding. Interestingly it is now at $10.49. Now the Australian dollar is spending most of its time above parity it’s nice to have equal or almost equal prices. I look forward to purchasing once Pal is available. Thanks for the updates and the speed to which you have responded I think you’ve handled the situation extremely well.

  7. tried to leave a comment on the app store that fixes have been written you but the appstore was being slow to release them and was told that I needed to have bought the app. I had bought the app and higher up the same page i could confirm this because the appstore told me that your app was installed. What a fiasco!
    If it happened to me I suggest that every single person who has purchased your app and is delighted with it has been unable to register their delight because tha appstore does not work properly.
    I took a screen grab so I have the evidence and can send it if you give me an address.
    How can you poor guys run a business? Ask Apple to fix this and see how long it takes them. I will keep checking! You fixed your App straightaway showing respect for your customers and your Apple Colleagues. You should expect the same in return!>

    1. Thanks for all the efforts on our behalf. Much appreciated. Sure, I’d love to see the screen grab. Philip @ IntelligentAssistance.com (without the spaces of course). I can pass it on to our contacts at apple.

    2. Andy Prendergast, are you a professional moaner? I think we should be told…
      For some reason your name rings a bell and I can’t exactly remember why; it will come back to me.

      1. I moan when I dislike stuff and cheer when I like it. 7tox does not work for me yet. I am not moaning about that. I am delighted that the makers are trying to fix it, I am moaning that a fix it has been posted, yet it has npt yet appeared.

        1. Just when we don’t want it, there has been some change to the App Store itself and our apps no longer upload! Apple now have a senior engineer working with us to debug the problem with the App Store.

          Annoyance on top of annoyance.


  8. Hi Philip !

    Any news when the update will be available ?
    I am really looking into this, as I cannot use your app so far (only DV projects to transfer)


    1. Same for me. I can’t wait to get the update. I eventually decided to migrate from FCP 7 to FCP X, and I’m stuck with nonfunctional XMLs !

      I really hope the update will solve the PAL issues.

      Thank you Philip for listening to your customers concerns.

    2. So sorry, but the issues with the app store are now being investigated by a senior engineer. Hope to get it cleared today.


  9. me too!



  10. Any Joy yet? Keen to get going now

  11. Same here, bought this app on Monday for a job & have a client breathing down my neck…. still can’t start the project.

  12. If this is going to drag on is there any chance of us supplying an iTunes receipt & have a link supplied to download the software directly from you? My project is supposed to be completed by this friday….

    1. Wayne, please email me directly at philip@ intelligentassistance.com. Technically we can’t supply a download link directly – it’s against app store policy – but I may have a solution.


  13. Cheers….. done.

    1. Not sure if it is any help but Boinx sells stuff like istopmotion through Kagi as well as the appstore

  14. Hey, Philip, how about revealing the name of the guy at Apple who delays the update? I do have some very colorful words for that person, since that delaying action completely disrupts my schedule for testing the combination of FCPX & 7toX between two jobs.
    Honestly, how difficult can that be?


    Sorry for ranting. Shouldn’t drink so much coffee in the morning..

    1. It is not a person problem at Apple, it’s a system/technology issue with the App store uploader.

  15. Any chance of ditching the app store and just selling it yourself? I know Apple has done you guys a favour publicising your app but for those of us who need it for PAL it’s pretty annoying for both us and you that you have a product you are unable to sell to us.

    1. For those with PAL DV problems it’s a real hassle but for all else it’s working well. The update will make it through the app store as soon as the technology problem is resolved. There are several people working to get that done ASAP.

    2. I think the advantages of appStore distribution far outweigh the disadvantages for Assisted Editing, as unfortunate as your situation is.

      1. Fair enough. It’s nice to know there is a fix there and that we were aware of the problem quickly. I’m happy to hold off until it’s available and it’s not like Final Cut 7 stopped working. Looking forward to trying it out and converting some projects over. I’m a little hesitant to start anything new in final cut x until I get some time to play around with it.

  16. Any Updates?

  17. The good news is that we successfully submitted the App update to the App Store on Saturday after much work diagnosing what was causing the problem (and we had great help from Apple for something that ultimately was local). We’ve been told the update will be expedited, which I hope means it will be approved today and available tomorrow.

    We also got an additional bug fix in for disappearing Compound Clips.

  18. The update is working well for me on PAL timelines.
    Many thanks

  19. First of: Thanks for the great product!
    My DV PAL projects are coming across now, which is great.

    I have a problem though: My footage (DV PAL Anamorphic) shows up letterboxed (the FCP7 sequence compound clip even more letterboxed) and I haven’t been able to figure out why.
    Changing sequence settings in FCP7 prior to exporting the XML doesn’t seem to change anything.
    Changing the project setting in FCPX gives me the choice between letterboxed (DV PAL) and horribly letterboxed (DV PAL Anamorphic)

    Does anyone know if this is a problem of translation or if it’s FCPX?
    When I import the source material directly into FCPX it shows up fine

    If anyone here has tips, they would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Are you using the 1.0.1 update from yesterday/today? If not, get the update, if so, please send me the problem XML file at info @ intelligentassistance.com (without the space)

      1. Yes, I’m using the update, so I sent you a mail.

  20. Glad to hear it Francois.

  21. Not all of my sequences were translated successfully. But I don’t know why. A log would be great!
    And – very odd – the original source media has to be connected in any way to your mac when translating your xml because when not every clip will be replaced by a placeholder which you cannot reconnect any time later. just black – no offline media!

    1.0.2 please!

    1. A log is not possible. We tried. The source media MUST be online throughout the process due to a limitation with FCP X that cannot, currently work with offline media.

      If you still have a problematic XML file, email it to me.

    2. Original source media must be online throughout the process. This is not “very odd” since it’s mentioned in the step-by-step and in the Known Issues. FCPX needs to directly access source media files to read important metadata out of them during XML import when creating the Event.

  22. And to be clear, that’s a FCP X limitation, not 7toX.

  23. Re Letterboxed PAL DV footage. I had the same problem and seemed to fix it by deleting the alias links to the original footage and then relinking media within FCP X.
    Hope this helps.

  24. Re: Wayne

    That works!
    Even better: It also works without deleting the aliases, just relink and point to the footage already in your event and suddenly everything is okay!


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