7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.13 hits the Mac App Store

This free update is now available in the Mac App Store with support for the new version 1.2 XML (see my review of Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 for the full details). Which means that this versions requires 10.0.6 and won’t work with earlier versions of Final Cut Pro. Here’s the list of bug fixes:

• Bug fix for error reporting in PSD and nested sequences
• Bug fix for detecting empty logging fields
• Bug fix for missing or offline media

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  1. Thanks for cranking out an update so quickly, Philip! I’m going to test it right now. The last combo was definitely not working perfectly.

    BTW, how do you like to get issue reports? I’m sure you don’t want them cluttering up the blog. 😉 Thanks for the critical niche you fill for us.

    1. There remains an issue in the App Store version with Markers – a dumb bug on our part. There’s an update submitted but App store is taking up to a month to approve. Until then avoid Sequence Markers and the translation will happen just fine.

      If there’s an error message generated it has the relevant details for submitting a bug report, otherwise info @ intelligentassistance.com (no spaces of course) is the best method. We can’t help with bugs if we don’t get reports. (For example we did not know of any problems with the previous combo.)

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