Direct to App Production and Distribution?

Deadline Hollywood has the story Hooked Digital Media Launches; Will Produce Original Filmed Content For Apps where Producer Neal Edelstein (Mulholland Dr.The RingThe Invisible) and his Hooked Digital Media partners are producing entertainment for direct consumption on small screens via apps.

Edelstein will serve as President of the “next-generation production company”. Aboard as advisors are Myspace co-founder Aber Whitcomb and investor Kevin Washington.

“We are not taking movies and stuffing them inside an app; we are crafting stories that embrace app technology and the viewing habits of the new generation of consumers”, Edelstein said in a statement. “Delivery direct to tablet and mobile devices is going to be the most personal form of storytelling”.

Anything that boosts production and finds new ways of telling stories visually is fine by me. I’ll definitely be interested in the results, particularly whether direct to app makes financial sense,  as we seek to find ways to reinvent the financing of the television business.

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