Intelligent Assistance releases Change List X

I know, we don’t release anything new for the longest time (although a lot of updates) and then we do two apps with only a week in between. Both Producer’s Best Friend and Change List X have been in development for quite some time, reaching the point where we think they were ready for release.

Industry standard Change Lists for updating Post Audio or VFX  of changes in the “final” edit.

Burbank CA Sep, 2013: Intelligent Assistance has released Change List X through the Mac App Store for working with high end Film and Television projects. Change Lists, a.k.a. as Change Logs, are used when there are the inevitable changes to the “final” or “locked” edit.

“Because ‘Final’ rarely means final, and locked edits have a habit of getting unlocked, post audio and vfx need a way of updating their existing projects, while keeping all their existing work intact, and that’s the role of a Change List,” says Intelligent Assistance CEO Philip Hodgetts.

“Change Lists are very important for specific workflows and we’re proud to be opening these workflows for editors who prefer Final Cut Pro X,” continued Hodgetts.

Change List X produces industry standard (matching Avid’s Film Logic output) text files, or PDF files, reporting in Timecode or Feet+Frames.

Change List X analyses two Final Cut Pro X timelines and produces a change list comparing the Primary Storylines of the two versions.

  • The report lists the changes that need to be made to the initial cut to match the new edits, step by step.
  • Change List X can compare two Projects, or two Compound Clips within the same Event.
  • Where necessary Change List X also creates a change pull list (for new footage added to the timeline) and a change discard list (for footage that needs to be removed from the timeline).

Change List X is available now in the Mac App Store for $199.99. It’s a very specialized tool.


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  1. You guys are awesome! I plan on using Change List x very soon. Thanks for putting it out!

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