Will Netflix “Rip the Heart” out of Pre-sale Film Financing?

An article in Forbes this week asserts that Netflix’s eventual world-wide reach will prevent funding via pre-sales through traditional territory-by-territory strategy. While a shift is this necessarily a bad thing?

Indeed, Netflix will likely expand from creating original series to creating its own large budget films, with the initial premiere on-line.  Netflix may be a vibrant, important source of new financing that disrupts the studio system and bypasses standard distribution channels.


2 thoughts on “Will Netflix “Rip the Heart” out of Pre-sale Film Financing?”

  1. I agree with you, I think this will just be a different normal. Not necessarily good or bad….just different.

    The author of the Forbes article made me chuckle though when he argued, “theaters are going to have to offer a better experience, and a big part of this is going to be 4D seats, which move to match the film (where you feel like you are flying when a jet is onscreen)…”

    Really? DBox (4D) seats are a big part for how theaters can keep selling tickets? Seems a bit gimmicky doesn’t it?

    1. I didn’t think the writer had a really good grasp of the subject. Yes, 4D seats, 3D and all other gimmicks are bound to fail. A quality experience might be a better approach.

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