A Good Day for Premiere Pro and Adobe CC

Adobe have previewed their IBC video app presentations and have confirmed that they will be continually adding new features to the Creative Cloud.

Adobe have confirmed Premiere Pro as the hub of production, which is of course, the right approach. In this release we see a slew of new features, including some specifically engineered for the recent Gone Girl production. Beyond marketing value, involvement on these huge project gives Adobe’s engineers the opportunity to really test out the app, and get very direct feedback from the editors. (Adobe had significant presence during the post-production of Gone Girl. Intelligent Assistance also played a small part by creating the Change List tool for that production.)

A new, flatter, HiDPI interface will be the first thing you see, but there are great new features:

  • Better searching
  • Consolidate and transcode (to the Cineform codec) is an important feature in a lot of workflows.
  • Improved codec support for GoPro and Cineform – Cineform seems to have been adopted as Adobe’s “own” codec, along the lines of what ProRes and DNxHD provide for Final Cut Pro X and Media Composer. (Of course Premiere Pro CC supports those codecs natively as well.)

For me the biggest improvement has been the ability to open multiple projects at the same time. One project is read/write, the others read only. I think this finally kills one of my biggest objections to Premiere Pro.

There are a lot of new features across all the Creative Cloud apps. The full details are in Adobe’s Press Release and at Creative COW. Adobe’s Premiere Pro blog also has more details.