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Intelligent Assistance and Lumberjack System Apps ready for El Capitan

OS X 10.11 “El Capitan” is about to be released to the public. All the Intelligent Assistance apps required updates to support the new OS, so be sure to update your apps in the App Store before you upgrade to El Capitan!

Apps from our own store have also been updated. Each of the non-App Store apps has a Check for Updates… item under the app’s main menu. If there’s a new version available it’ll download and install itself for you.

Lumberjack System’s Lumberyard and backLogger apps have been updated for El Capitan. Download from within the app before upgrading to El Capitan. The iOS Logger app has been tested against iOS 9 and requires no updating.







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  1. Thanks for the info! We end users love developers who post this very helpful information. Good to see y’all staying on top of stuff and junk and stuff…