2015’s Best Blog Posts

My year seems to have three major themes: sucking while learning, family history video and small production kit. Along the way there have been 13 episodes of Lunch with Philip and Greg

Right at the beginning of the year, I wrote that You need to suck, in order to learn  then circled back around in December with scientific proof from Scientific American in an article Why Creativity is a Numbers Game which I commented on.

With the release of Focus – the first major studio feature film edited on FCP X – we got to tell the story of our involvement, and get featured in some presentations that Light Iron recorded in Hollywood in March.

That led to a discussion of Evolving Workflows, and the role that Sync-N-Link X has been playing.

The recording for Lunch with Philip and Greg probably wouldn’t be possible without tiny 4K cameras (GoPro Hero 4 Black) in our case. So I’m A Convert for 4K Acquisition. Cutting the lunch series along with The semiSerious Foodies has led ‘me*’ to do some additional scripting of FCP X’s mulitcam. I’ll get an article done shortly on how I switch those using Applescript.

Throughout the year I’ve had a growing interest in recording family history video. I started the project in January at my family’s reunion, but circumstances prevented me getting as far along as I had planned. That turned out to be what I needed to focus on a serious push to capture 86 years of history while it can be. I first wrote of the project after I came back from another round of recording in May. I also posted the questions I used.

I also did a webinar on the subject in late August at Moviola.com.

In parallel with the family history video project, and Lunch with Philip and Greg – or perhaps because of them – I have continued my fascination with small production kit. Circumstances offered a comparisons of two extremes. I elaborated on the gear on the Digital Production BuZZ with Larry Jordan and Michael Horton.

Other themes that were important to me this year seem to be:

My health, particularly after visiting my family and realizing I have at least another 30 good years ahead and have to plan accordingly, so I shared my thoughts on how best to do that.

While traveling in Australia and Europe this year, I realized how we could manage our business ‘on the move’.

And finally, back in February I wrote my love letter to Keyword Ranges!