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Worried about loss of iDVD from iLife?

Worried about (possible) loss of iDVD?

iDVD – the DVD burning part of iLife is, according to rumors, likely to be dropped from the iLife 11 package supposedly in development. In it’s place an unannounced mystery application.

Just how important is iDVD – well at the bottom of the Apple Blog article linked above, is a survey:

Daily 3.3% (20 votes)

Once a week 4.6% (28 votes)

Once a month 11.2% (68 votes)

Every few months 25.3%(154 votes)

Once a year 27.1% (165 votes)

I’ve never used it. 28.5%(173 votes)

Total of 608 votes at that point.

I wasn’t sure exactly where to place my vote. I’ve used it exactly once in five years. To do a slideshow!







4 responses to “Worried about loss of iDVD from iLife?”

  1. When I worked in corporate America, I ran a training studio. I RELIED on iDVD for the fastest and simplest turnaround of the numerous disks I had to make. From quick “can I get a copy of the raw material” to full on, multi-menu disks for training use in class. I even bought a second computer just to handle the iDVD workload so I could continue to edit on the “big” machine.

    Wedding DVD’s work just great with some iDVD magic.

    And back when you could open iDVD projects in DVD Studio Pro (yea, back when Apple apps worked together a lot better than now) I could start authoring the 3 hour dance recital multi-angle DVD in iDVD, built all the chapter pages in a matter of seconds, and then open the project in DVD Studio Pro, change the compression rate so all the video could fit.

    It’s a great little tool that has seen a decline with the increase in broadband and online media, but in cases where you actually need a “deliverable” iDVD was downright indispensable for creating a polished product with a minimum of mouse clicks.

    The survey shouldn’t have been about iDVD, it should have been about disk authoring in general. I think iDVD hols the same percentage, but the overall disk burning need has decreased (especially on a Mac with more deliverables being HD & blu-ray now, and Apple stupidly insisting that Blu-ray doesn’t exist.)

  2. Not unexpected, its Apples way, push the future.

    iDVD should probably be kept compatible I think. But called out as EOL. Leave third parties to take up the slack.

    Third parties are also likely to answer the BluRay needs. As in authoring, and possibly playing Non-protected disks… But then again I think from memory, even a burn DB has to have encryption on it by spec design…


  3. Philip Hodgetts

    Remembering that this is all still rumor, not an Apple announcement. The rumor also said that it was likely Apple would allow download of iDVD for purchasers of the iLife 11 bundle.


  4. Otto

    I teach non-techie people everyday and these folks think of DVDs as keepsakes, not realizing there are other ways to share their media with their families. I still hear comments from these people who lament the passing of iMovie HD. iDVD hasn’t seen an update since iLife ’08. It would be a bold step of Apple to tell folks that DVD is over, but I expect bold statements like that from Apple.