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iLife 11 still 32 bit

iLife 11 still 32 bit.

Seems like all Apple’s Apps – pro and not – that have QT dependencies are 32 bit. Just because most of QuickTime (other than fairly simple playback) is still based on 32 bit C APIs and Apple haven’t worked on QTkit (the 64 bit Cocoa version of QuickTime) since the release of Tiger OS X 10.4 some three years ago.

So it’s not just Apple’s Pro Apps that are having trouble moving to 64 bit Cocoa – it’s any of their apps that have a heavy dependency on QuickTime.

I haven’t bene able to confirm, from the tiny amount of information that was given at the show yesterday, whether or not AVFoundation has come to OS X but the introduction about bringing technology back from iOS to OS X desktop certainly augers well.







2 responses to “iLife 11 still 32 bit”

  1. Hey, if you think that’s bad, you ought to check out Apple’s support of their QuickTime VR technologies. None of the apps made it past OS-9 and even the links on Apple’s VR page show that 3rd parties have lost enthusiasm for Apple-invented technologies that Apple shows little interest in supporting.

    1. Yeh, well sadly pretty much everything that drew me to QT in the first place – interactive, wired sprits, transitions, filters et al – has been effectively deprecated by Apple. The next generation of “QuickTime” (common in name only as it will be almost certainly based on iOS AVFoundation) will be about media playback, metadata and editing. The rest is history. The writing’s been on the wall since around QT 5 so shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Most of what was able to be done in QT can still be done with QT and Javascript and some HTML5 Canvas fun.