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Novacut – open source video editor

Novacut – open source video editor built for collaboration.

Novacut is still a work in progress and looking for people to become involved. It’s clearly a worthy effort to support, but I remain somewhat skeptical that Open Source projects can achieve the finish and polish of commercial software, but it does usually produce tools that are competent and free. And that’s no bad thing.







3 responses to “Novacut – open source video editor”

  1. Zak Ray

    With an open-source system, I’m risking the reliable (both in terms of product stability and product updates), albeit proprietary, experience of using an Avid or FCP for an unreliable experience. Unless editors have a specific open-source need, I think most won’t be willing to make that trade. Not unless the developers could prove a certain level of dependability; open source projects are only as good as the community developing for them.

  2. Jamie T

    I think the interesting idea with the project is the push towards a collaborative workflow based both in the cloud and locally. While this version certainly will not have the polish of a commercial product, there may be some interesting uses.

    Interesting to see where this heads and how they handle some of the workflow issues : media ingesting, logging, multiple formats, meta data, audio sync, multiple versioning, and archiving are a few that come to mind.

    There is an interview on the 16×9 podcast episode #37 with the team behind the project, it’s worth a listen.

    A link to the show>>

    1. Thanks for the link Jamie. Collaboration is going to be an important trend I think, particularly remote collaboration. Zak, I agree that the level of dependability and available support are key issues for professional users.