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Larry Jordan answers questions about the new Final Cut Pro

Larry Jordan answers questions from a fan about the new Final Cut Pro.

Greg was bored last night while I was at Alpha Dog’s Editors’ Lounge and started exploring Xtranormal and came up with this.

This must have been what it was like for Larry Jordan at LAFCPUG Wednesday night!

Note, that all you need to do to create these is type in the words.




4 responses to “Larry Jordan answers questions about the new Final Cut Pro”

  1. Link isn’t working, but I can imagine what it is.

    It’s great that Apple allowed someone to leak the info, but unfortunately there’s few things people hate more than someone with a secret. I hope for his sanity that he doesn’t have to keep this to himself for too long, otherwise the polite questions on his blog will quickly turn to impatient rage.

  2. It’s been corrected now. Never had so much trouble over a link.

  3. David Baud

    Thanks Greg! Right on!

    I understand Larry was not the only one invited to that super meeting… is he the only one who has said he was there? did he have to get special permission from Apple to have the right to say it??… I have never been under NDA, so I am just curious to know how much specific they are… I guess we all know that Apple is known for its secrets… and how to keep them well guarded!

    1. I would be very surprised if Larry had not got prior approval to say what he said. To do it without permission would have been a breach of the NDA, mostly likely. (I’ve not seen this NDA but I’ve signed Apple NDAs in the past and they generally do not allow you to even talk about the existence of the program.