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  1. Is there any word yet on pricing?

    Not sure if and what functional overlap there is, but it at least sounds a bit like what e.g. MovieRecorder from Softron for FCPX does (at least as far as the “work while it’s still capturing” part is concerned), only MR does it from within, not outside of FCPX and also has a pretty cool multicam variant for the same task.

    I’ll have to take a first hand look and find out.

    I just hope that Adobe doesn’t think you were taking too many cues from them for Lumberjack. ;-D

  2. LiveLogger is included in Creative Cloud. ie no additional money. Lumberjack and LiveLogger are very different and imnsho Lumberjack is way superior. Obviously Adobe could have taken a lot more clues from Lumberjack and should if they want to bring LiveLogger to the standard and features of Lumberjack.

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