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SundaySky Will Create 1.4 Million “Videos” in January alone!

SundaySky Will Create 1.4 Million “Videos” in January

These are not traditionally produced video, and no-one’s suggesting that temploratized production will replace creative editing, but there’s a lot of video produced that is anything but creative: a lot is very formulaic and will fit into smart templates very well.

Temploratization for some types of video is a theme that I’ve been pushing for a long time. This example creates a template for a real estate company, cable network (Discovery) or retailer, and then uses the existing back-end data to drive the video presentation. Filling hard facts into visually interesting video for the website.

Admittedly this is a very specific type of video but the idea of temploratization is receiving much broader support. Another example would be the “Trailers” in Apple’s iMovie 11 and themes in iMovie for iOS. These help create higher quality work by unskilled users (consumers even).

Are template going to be part of a professional, creative video workflow. Sure. We already have Master Templates for effects in Final Cut Studio with a huge number of third party Templates being produced that would allow the less creative video editor to access highly creative graphic design without breaking the bank. Is it what the more creative of us signed up for? Of course not.

The interesting thing is that there are many, many ways of using “video” and when it’s a basic literacy, not all will fall into the realm of “highly creative video production and editing”.

What is interesting is the parallel that is drawn with the web. In the early days of the web, pages were static. Once created they didn’t change until someone edited them: much like video production today. These days the web is largely dynamic, serving up pages based on a template and dynamic information insertion. This WordPress blog is a dynamic site as the pages are served from a database via PHP rather than each one written and laid out by itself.

I consider it part of my goal in our business, which is, as I’ve said “To take the boring out of post production” to enhance the use of smart templates in post production.

Twitter follower  Eric Nondahl added to the mix of automated, template based production.




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  1. Andreas

    Doesn’t have creativity that is missing. For me mostly time is missing.