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What about NAB 2011?

This will be my 14th consecutive NAB, starting in 1998 when I travelled from Australia for the conference. (And again in 1999 and 2000 before moving to the US in 2001.) Needless to say, I find it worthwhile both professionally and socially.

You absolutely need an Exhibits pass – going to NAB without one will make the trip much less worthwhile. Good news is I can offer you a code to get a free one:

Simply register at to get the discount automatically, or at http://www.nabshow/register using the code SM08

Even better, that code will also give you a $100 discount off any education package, including:

  • SMART Pass (all-access!)
  • Conference Flex Pass (access to all Conferences except Post|Production World)
  • Post|Production World

Professionally, I’ll be doing some special reports for the Digital Production BuZZ NAB shows, focussing on trends and overview, which you’ll also find here at the blog in more detail, and more opinionated!

I’m delivering two special, in-depth sessions for the Post|Production Conference (for which you can get $100 off using the code above):

  • Tuesday April 12, 10am-1pm:  In Depth: Future of TV: How to Grow and Monetize an Audience
  • Wednesday April 13, 10am-1pm: In Depth: The New Now – How to Grow Your Production or Postproduction Business

Socially, I’ll be enjoying catching up with friends generally but specifically at the MediaMotion Ball on Monday night (for the last time at the Sahara), and Supermeet on Tuesday night. Of course there are many other events on these two nights, but this year I’m going to focus on socializing in one place, instead of spreading myself thin.

Wednesday night – in a remarkable change – has nothing booked in, so I’ll be socializing freelance style. Thursday night is traditionally a “farewell drinks” session at the Monte Carlo Brew Pub from around 6pm on.

On the show floor. Obviously I’ll hit the bigger booths to check the latest announcements but we already know Avid’s current release and I don’t expect anything public from Apple at, or around, NAB. (I’m sure the new FCP will be shown in private meetings but I’m not privy to those.) But really, the booths that interest me are the ones in the back aisles, around the edges of the show: those little 10×10 booths which is where the new exhibitors and small companies end up. That’s where I expect to find innovation.

I’ll be looking for metadata management of all kinds, but specifically checking on SMPTE BXF implementations and speech-to-text technologies. I want to hear of any archiving solutions, particularly solutions that are targeted at smaller facilities, even as small as single-person facilities.

Finally, I’ll be collecting all those beers people have been promising me all year for helping them out online!




10 responses to “What about NAB 2011?”

  1. I plan on tracking you down for drinks!

  2. I’m looking forward to it. I have time for drinks this year.

  3. I’m interested in your “In-Depth” session on Weds. but didn’t see it listed on my NAB show session list. Is there a link anywhere?

    1. It’s not the clearest path to finding details. On this page there’s a link in a block at the center right, saying “Post|Production World Schedule Grid” That will download a pdf of the session grid and you can find my session there. Without a lot of detail I see. So here’s what I sent the conference:

      In Depth: Future of TV: How to Grow and Monetize an Audience

      Learn how others have built substantial and profitable audiences for their independent film and video projects and successfully monetized the audience.
      Learn the common themes and how you can apply them to any independent production. In the first part of the seminar you’ll learn when to start building an audience; how to identify and reach your all-important core audience and how to connect with fans and use your evangelists and website. In the second part we’ll explore how to monetize the audience – even free and “pirates” – by examining how CwF+RtB=profits and the six most common monetizing strategies and how they apply to independent projects.
      Target Audience: Independent film and video producers.

      In Depth: The New Now – How to Grow Your Production or Postproduction Business

      The business of production is faced with downward economic pressures and an uncertain economy. This new business reality presents new opportunities and new ways of of growing your business, without expensive advertising budgets. You’ll learn how to use social media and blogs to build awareness; understand Google Analytics and Search Engine Optimization. Since everything starts with ‘the sale’ you’ll become aware of how to be a great salesperson and be more persuasive. But better promotion and sales is only part of the picture: leanr how to cut costs, work smarter, produce more cheaply and get paid faster. The session will finish with the value of owning – and selling – your own content.
      Target Audience: Studio and facility owners; independents/freelancers who want to grow their business.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you and Greg. I’d love to learn what you find about speech-to-text technology. To date, everything I’ve seen has been horrible and it seems like the technology just stagnated for 10 years.

  5. Nuance and Google seem to have advanced but Autonomy not so much (Autonomy is used by Adobe)

  6. Thanks for the info Philip. I find the NAB website among the worst I’ve ever been on as far as navigating, second only to Panasonic. Hopefully I can win my battle with the site and eventually register as it keeps kicking me off.

  7. I’ve tried over 4 days through web/chat/phone unsuccessfully with NAB to register for the ‘How to Grow your Business’ session. This would be the only session I’d be interested in attending but NAB says I can’t register for just one day sessions using this code (SM08).
    NAB’s website and overall system of doing things makes it too difficult to just sign up for a session. Basically just got off the phone with NAB customer service and left it that I cannot attend this session. Anyone have any tips/secrets that I’m missing here? I should be able to click a link, select a session and pay.

  8. Sorry about that. I think you’re right that NAB doesn’t allow that discount on only one day passes, and they don’t do single sessions sadly.

    Send me an email directly philip @ and I’ll do what I can.

  9. Very much looking forward to your visit to our booth. And, for my money, Monte Carlo is the best Brew Pub in town.

    Avid Community Team