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The Growing Importance of AI and Machine Learning to Media & Entertainment

A simple indicator of the growing influence and impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the Hollywood Professional Association (party of SMPTE) inclusion of it in their annual retreat.

For the 2016 Retreat I proposed a presentation on AI & ML that wasn’t deemed relevant at that time.

For the 2017 Retreat I made pretty much the same proposal, which lead to a panel discussion at the Retreat that I was pleased to contribute to.

For the 2018 Retreat the half day tech focus the day before the main conference is:

A half day of targeted panels, speakers and interaction, this year focusing on one of the most important topics our industry faces, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Two years ago it wasn’t relevant.

A year ago it was one panel in three days of conference.

This year it’s the tech focus day ahead of the conference!

I’ll be back on a panel this year – Novel AI Implementations: Real World AI Case Studies – and hope to see you there. The HPA Retreat is the closest thing to TED talks for our industry and discuss the topics that will be crucial to film and television production in 2-3 years. Get a heads up before everyone else.

FCP X Creative Summit and San Diego FCP Users Presentations

It’s not that often that I’m in front of a crowd any more, but there are a couple of presentations coming up where I’ll be featuring Lumberjack System: San Jose SupermeetUp, FCP X Creative Summit and a week later, San Diego FCP Users Group. The two presentations will focus on my long-standing passion for Content Metadata and how that saves time and money with Lumberjack System and Final Cut Pro X.

While I can’t save you any money on the Creative Summit, follow this link to save $5 on the SupermeetUp ticket and come get a free pouch when you say Hi!  We’ll also answer any Intelligent Assistance app or Lumberjack questions. Latest word is that Alex Gollner will be interviewing Randy Ubillos, the Chief Architect of Adobe Premiere versions 1 through 4.2 and Final Cut Pro leading up to FCP X.

Learn about FCP X and 4K in Culver City (LA)

I think of 4K more as shortcut for “high end production workflows” (which may be in 4K or not) rather than a literal 4K push, although there’s no doubt 4K will become normal in some workflows, so I’m more than happy to get involved with Larry Jordan’s 4K FCP X seminar on January 14, and supporting for their Final Cut Pro X and 4K presentations this Saturday January 25th in Culver City, LA.

I’ll be demonstrating our apps, Lumberjack and answering FCP X questions. You can find the information for free registration at

Preparing for Final Cut Pro X

Preparing for Final Cut Pro X My first (and only??) FCP X seminar. Get in quickly because it’s filling very fast.

Because it’s before Final Cut Pro X ships, I’ll be drawing from my last year of fairly accurate researching and writing about Final Cut Pro X and merging it with the recent preview to give you the best preparation for the upcoming release.

While you’re there, check out the rest of the other upcoming Final Cut Pro X webinars at Final Cut Pro X Webinar Central.

Working with Effects Inside Final Cut Pro X
Presented by Kevin McAuliffe

Media Management Inside Final Cut Pro X
Presented by Brent Altomare

Color Correcting Inside Final Cut Pro X
Presented by Ben Brownlee

What about NAB 2011?

This will be my 14th consecutive NAB, starting in 1998 when I travelled from Australia for the conference. (And again in 1999 and 2000 before moving to the US in 2001.) Needless to say, I find it worthwhile both professionally and socially.

You absolutely need an Exhibits pass – going to NAB without one will make the trip much less worthwhile. Good news is I can offer you a code to get a free one:

Simply register at to get the discount automatically, or at http://www.nabshow/register using the code SM08

Even better, that code will also give you a $100 discount off any education package, including:

  • SMART Pass (all-access!)
  • Conference Flex Pass (access to all Conferences except Post|Production World)
  • Post|Production World

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Grow an Audience for your Indie Production: Boston

Grow an Audience for your Indie Production

Unfortunately Rich Harrington is unable to make the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group meeting this week due to back problems. I’ve been there and wish Rich all the best.

Good news is that I’ll be pitching in to help. I lack Rich’s understanding of iPod apps for production, so the subject has shifted a little to “Grow an Audience for your Indie Production”, a subject I know well.

Distribution Time: Can You Succeed?
Join Philip Hodgetts, digital media strategist and author ofThe New Now: How to grow your production or postproduction business in a changed and changing world as he shares how to market your independent project and grow an audience you can monetize. Since the advent of low cost production equipment almost any project can find a suitable budget. However distribution has not been democratized to the same degree. Learn how others have built substantial and profitable audiences for their independent film and video projects and successfully monetized the audience.

Learn the common themes and how you can apply them to any independent production.

“On this occasion his topic was “Growing An Audience for your Indy Production.” Phillip pointed out that a major paradigm shift has taken place. Where once distribution (as well as advertising, promotion and building an audience for that distribution) was the job of a distributor or a network, it now falls to the filmmaker or content creator. Hodgetts presented case histories of creative and successful self-distribution, talked about piracy, blogging, using the internet and tribal marketing, among others.” – John Coleman at MediaBootCamp, San Diego

Some nice comments from my “New Now Part 2” Presentation in OC last week.

Some nice comments from my “New Now Pt 2” seminar in OC last week. Based on the New Now Book

Twice in OC in two weeks: initially for MCA-I OC with part one of The New Now presentation then back last week for part 2 at OCCMA. OCCMA got part 1 about a year ago.

Philip Hodgetts will join us again for part 2 of his presentation for ways to increase your income in today’s environment. Last year he covered:

* Defining and creating a brand, 
* Your Selling Proposition and how to phrase it Social Marketing.

The New Now, Part 2 goes on to cover:

* Getting more customers and more sales; 
* Advertising (Display Ads vs Search; Adsense, Adwords) 
* Cutting Costs – Producing less expensively (Lower cost, same income equals higher profits) 
* Working smarter, using the Internet better to get paid faster, and 
* Finding your own income.

DV Magazine: Hodgetts Leads Web Video Tech Sessions

From DVMagazine via Twitter: Hodgetts Leads Web Video Tech Sessions at Digital Video Expo

I’ve got a reasonably full DV Expo Schedule this year with three sessions on compression and web video on Thursday September 30th: Video Compression Options, Web & Mobile Video: Web Video Production Workshop, and Web & Mobile Video: Web Video Production Workshop | Part 2. That’s in the paid conference track, which has 11 days left for discounted registration.  Fun fact: in the audience will be a friend from my high school days I haven’t seen in more than 35 years.

The day before, Wednesday 29th, I’ll be on the main stage off the Exhibition floor with a free presentation “The New Now: Surviving the Changing Biz of Production The New Now — Surviving the Changing Business of Production”.

All the details are at

Plus, that Wednesday night’s LAFCPUG meeting will include the first public demonstration of our newest piece of software prEdit. I’ll be writing more about prEdit coming up as tomorrow will be the first day I use it on a real project: a documentary we’re producing to find out how better to improve prEdit, but also to have demonstration media we own the rights to.

By the way, you can check my schedule for upcoming events on the Upcoming Presentations link at the top right of the blog. Next presentation will be at OCMA, Orange County on September 21: Part 2 of the New Now presentation. Marketing, sales, working more efficiently and owning an income.