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Books and Publications

Conquering the Metadata Foundations of Final Cut Pro X.

Published just minutes after Final Cut Pro X was released in June 2011, this book has proved extremely influential, being cited as one of the reasons why Glenn Ficarra decided to use Final Cut Pro X for the movie Focus.

The New Now
How to grow your production or postproduction business in a changed and changing world. Available in paperback from Amazon or pdf download, direct.

HD Survival Handbook 2009-2010 (Updated from original 2008 publication)
The HD Survival Handbook was written to answer the myriad of questions that arise when a video professional moves from working in the Standard Definition world up to the more complex world of High Definition.

Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web (rewritten in mid 2009)
These Recipes do not pretend to teach you about compression and encoding. Instead they are easy reciptes that will you great results with minimal effort, whether you use Apple Compressor, Telestream Episode Pro or Sorenson Squeeze; whether your source is 4:3, Letterboxed or true 16:9, in PAL, NTSC or HD.

Awesome Titles with Final Cut Studio
Seven articles of tips, techniques and inspiration that will help you break out of the mundane, go way beyond the presets, and create really awesome titles! Be prepared to experiment, be inspired and be exposed to new possibilities with titles in the Final Cut Studio ecosystem. Equally applicable to Final Cut Studio 1 -3 (with LiveType).

101 Pro Apps Tips (Volumes 1-3)
Time-saving tips for Apple’s Pro Apps, including Final Cut Studio. Each PDF volume contains 101 great tips for Pro Apps Pros. Increase your productivity and work smarter. If one tip saves you 15 minutes, you’ll save the equivalent of $1000 for each volume!