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Interviews with Philip


Over the years I’ve done many interviews and podcasts. While many are product focused, the two that (I think) reveal most about me, are The Studio Show with Kanen Flowers and Mike J. Nichols, and The Video Crush.

We Make Movies: Film Central #07 – Lumberjacked (Feat. Philip Hodgetts) from Feb 2015

Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance on The Video Crush from September 2014.

The King of Metadata (featuring Philip Hodgetts) with the digitalCINEMAcafe from August 2014. Alex4D a.k.a. Alex Gollner included a transcript of this interview in his blog.

That Studio Show with Kanen Flowers, Mike J. Nichols and Philip Hodgetts from May 2014.

An interview with Rick Young’s Movie Machine on the rush to 4K from IBC September 2013

A segment about Lumberjack in the GoCreative Show with Ben Consoli from August 2013

An early introduction to Lumberjack System, with That Talk Studio from NAB April 2013

Planet5D podcast shortly after Final Cut Pro X was released, in June 2011

Digital Convergence podcast from June 2010 on Intelligent Assistance, and our (now closed) consultancy Big Brains for Rent.