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What people are saying about Philip Hodgetts

“Any time you can come away from a meeting with a dozen useful tips, your time has been well spent. I’ve enjoyed both times Philip Hodgetts has presented to OCMMA.” Mike McGready OCCMA

“Phillip Hodgetts as a presenter is the perfect combination of usable knowledge for this moment in time, and a fun sense of humor in delivering his educational message. He shared many ways of reinventing our methods of getting known and the work that we do, with economy to our budget in mind” Bonnie Erdrich OCCMA

“At present, your ongoing dialog on DECE is an explicit and lucid explanation not only of technical issues, but of economics, business, markets, sociology, psychology, and government as well. As such, you’ve come close to surpassing even yourself. Come to think of it, maybe you have surpassed yourself. The barrage of references and links is delightful. Point is, this is you at your best; even if a bit of annoyance slips to the surface now and then. But boneheads can evoke that from even the most patient.” (Tom Bayh, retired Professor of Economics.)

“He is a true Renaissance Man of the media. If you have ever been to one of his seminars, read one of his books, or his blog or heard him speak, you know what I mean.” (John Coleman, MCA-I San Diego)

“Philip is at the forefront of digital postproduction and distribution.” (James Mathers, President of the Digital Cinema Society)

“The one man metadata think tank.” (Dan Green, Chairman Media Silo)

“(Philip) continues to be a leading-edge thinker, and prognosticator of advances in our industry.” (Bruce Nazarian, President of the DVD Association, now IDMA)

“Digital Video Pioneer.” ( editorial)

“A visionary and a man with great entrepreneurial spirit.” (David Basulto, Digital Media Net podcast, Filmmaker’s Central)

“Director/editor/inventor” (Debra Kaufman, Studio Daily)

“Philip Hodgetts is a technologist, editor, podcasting veteran and specialist in new distribution systems.  …he is a recognised authority on the changing nature of digital video and rides the wave right at the forefront of the changing technological landscape.” (Rick Young, Mac Video TV, introducing an interview)

“Philip Hodgetts is one of those rare folks who researches and shares information tirelessly. As such, he has made himself a “go to” guy for getting information that will help us all get through difficult workflows.” (Terry Curren, President Alpha Dogs Burbank, coordinator/host The Editor’s Lounge)

“Philip’s exceptional ability to present complex technical issues clearly, and his limitless willingness to help others are rare, valuable and an incredible asset.” (Ian Graham, VP Image Productions.)

“It was immediately obvious that Philip is miles ahead of the curve in his knowledge, understanding and expertise in audio-visual post-production. He is extremely generous with his expertise and helped me as well as scores of others tremendously to survive the transition to digital and data-based workflows that the video, TV and film industries are currently undergoing.” (Rainer Stadke, Editor, Post Supervisor and software developer)

“It is clear by this point that nobody anywhere is creating new technologies for digital media creation and distribution anywhere in the league of that established by Philip Hodgetts.” (Tim Wilson, then Senior Group Product Manager, Avid Technologies)

“This man has quite possibly contributed more to the Digital Video Filmmaking community than any other person on this planet.” (Michael Horton, Founder and Head Cutter for the LA Final Cut Pro User Group)

“Media consultant, software developer, digital post-production expert, author, blogger, podcaster and internet guru, Hodgetts is a leading edge thinker and industry prognosticator.” (Introduction at Media Barcamp Jun 09)


2 responses to “What people are saying about Philip Hodgetts”

  1. I wrote and directed a TV commercial for a rent-to-own video store. Their business increased so much that they bought a second store in Sacramento. I was asked to edit the existing commercial for the new store. After running for two weeks, I had to pull the commercial. They were doing so much business that it exceeded their purchasing finances. (It takes ten weeks to recoup the costs) I was told by the owner of the stores that a university professor had taken it to the college and they determined there were at least eighteen subliminal messages in the commercial. It can be done. I still have a copy of that commercial.
    Sam Younghans

    1. Some time I’d love to see that commercial Sam. And there’s a great lesson in there about business “growing into bankrupcy” if you’re not careful.