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First Cuts and Finisher released tonight

At the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group this evening we announced the availability of two products: First Cuts for FCP and Finisher for FCP.

The Assistant Editor product demonstrated at NAB 2008 was renamed “First Cuts for FCP” to better reflect its main function. “Finisher for FCP” was shown publicly for the first time tonight, and came about from conversations with users in the beta program for The Assistant Editor. It’s a tool that does the same finishing work that was done by The Assistant Editor: finding b-roll, lowering the b-roll volume, building and placing lower third titles, fade-in and fade-out of lower thirds… There’s more details about Finisher for FCP at its product page:

Since Finisher would be incredibly useful for editors doing many changes to a sequence produced by First Cuts, we’ve included the Finisher product in First Cuts. And, for the first three weeks after launch, we’re offering discounted pricing on both these new products!