The present and future of post production business and technology

“You’re Too Into Real Business to understand Advertising and Social Media” I thought we’d got over this stupidity with the crash of 2001, when all those Internet “businesses” that didn’t have any real business plan but spent a fortune on “eyeballs” because “this time it’s different”.

Business is never “different”. You need customers, revenue and a problem that they want to pay you to pay you to solve.

All kidding aside, no matter how much new communication technology evolves, some businesses will be quick to evolve and others won’t. Manufacturing, distribution, marketing, advertising and financing all respond to market pressures the best way they can. It’s the nature of business.

I think it is a huge mistake to focus or fixate on what the universe will “eventually” look like. It’s not a good strategic exercise and it’s not a good practical or tactical exercise. Most astrophysicists agree that at some point the sun will expand and consume the earth. Is it really helpful to put that in your long-range plan? So why try to guess when technological efficiency will usurp incumbent, massive, inertial systems? Why not simply profit from the delta between the two and be best practices at both?