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Why iAd Won’t Meet Steve Jobs’ Expectations.

Why iAd Won’t Meet Steve Jobs’ Expectations

GigOm writer Colin Gibbs gives five reasons why iAds won’t be the success Steve Jobs predicts them to be:

  1. They’re Expensive;
  2. You don’t have to use an iAd to advertise on the iPhone or iPad
  3. Big publishers want to sell their own inventory
  4. Apple’s insistence on being involved is slowing deployment
  5. There is competition in the form of Android phones.

I’m not sure if any are compelling. Personally iAds are some of the least offensive ad insertions (remembering that I’m basically against all irrelevant advertising, and since it’s all irrelevant…). I’m not really qualified to comment on whether or not they’ll be a success – personally I prefer other methods of funding than Ads.

Except I did write that piece a couple of days ago on “How to Get Disney to fund your next production“, which was basically about aggregating all communication on a project into an App and using in-app commerce and iAds to fund the production. (Disney only got the reference because their Pixar ads kept appearing in Jobs’ keynote.)