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Since the Feb 17 preview of Final Cut Pro X, I’ve got clues as to the new features (well some of them) so this is what I think I know ahead of the announcement. Written on Sunday afternoon but set to publish just before the Tuesday event so as not to ruin Apple’s surprise(s).

In no particular order:

  • Redesigned timeline
  • Integrated browsing and viewing/viewer (no separate viewer)
  • Native DSLR support (H.264 MOV)
  • Probably native MXF and R3D
  • Uses all processors and GPU – really fast
  • Native support for Quartz Compositions
  • Built on AV Foundation
  • 64 bit Cocoa
  • Improved metadata tracking in media files
  • Media management based on a database and metadata in files
  • Display of more metadata from files.
  • File-based workflows only. Log and Capture using utilities from AJA, Blackmagic Design and Matrox.
  • Very fluid interface
  • Render in background
  • Media locations stored with project file, not preferences
  • Support for images and sequences over 4K pixels
  • Better titling – over video I hope.
  • Improved color correction built in (hopefully close to the full Color app)
  • Project file is XML file removing need for XML Import and Export.

    I expect FXscript to be lost to history like Log and Capture and a dedicated Viewer window.

    My in depth analysis of what I’m about to see will be coming Wednesday afternoon April 13, because of the important need to party after the Supermeet, and I’m teaching 10am-1pm Wednesday.

    And I expect to be blown away with what more there is than that list. On the balance of probability it will be in the App store (only?) with a price similar to the last upgrade.

    As for the rest of the Studio. Motion will get an upgrade but I don’t know if we’ll see that shortly or have to wait; DVD SP will disappear, while Soundtrack Pro will also likely get an upgrade.

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