How Tracks evolved from function to Metadata

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  1. I got in several debates on the COW about this very subject. Traditionalists talk about tracks as if they were invented for primarily for organizing media roles in the timeline. Video tracks were created for hierarchical compositing, and audio tracks being assigned “roles” like you laid out above has always been the workaround for not having any other way to group audio within a timeline. Explicit roles are better than implicit ones.

    FCPX needs some work in regards to being able to leverage roles metadata to manipulate timelines with similar ease to turning off whole tracks and exporting tracks, but the foundations are there and the concept is sound.

  2. I do like the idea that’s been put forth that audio elements can be tagged with their assignments rather than the traditional idea of exporting them from specific tracks. However, that said I do think that there needs to be an explicit visual cue for audio that’s been tagged as part of a specific group (DIA, NAR, MUS, etc). A simple colour assignment would make this work much better, and also ensure that no audio elements have been missed, or misstagged.

  3. Ironically, if the rumors are true, the Apple Logic team doesn’t seem to agree with the trackless philosophy.

    – Oliver

  4. Logic is for multiple track music production. It’s totally different than an NLE.
    As a musician, I must have tracks to mix. Each instrument in their own track.
    As an editor, I don’t need more than a few.
    I am looking forward to see how audio metadata will replace tracks in exports entirely, and if it’s faster to work with.

  5. Yeah, no, this doesn’t work for me. I read this after commenting on your follow-up article, and it made me think a bit longer about it.

    Tracks aren’t metadata… they are places where you put things. Unless you think everything is metadata. Like if we get rid of the boys’ washroom and the girls’ washroom, hey that’s just metadata, why don’t they share a washroom and I’ll just tag every person with a “boy” or “girl” flag and that’s just as good?

    When I edit video, I need tracks.

    Anyway, FCPX DOES have tracks. When you overlap audio, it moves stuff up and down to get out of the way. Also you can drag video above or below other video and it puts it on a different track.

    The idea that tracks show lack of commitment is nonsense. Non-linear editing is all about lack of commitment – that’s what it’s for.

    Razor and tape – now that’s commitment. Maybe FCP 11 will not be on a computer at all…

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