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We’re very pleased to announce Sync-N-Link X, a completely rethought version of our popular and powerful batch synchronizing application for dual system (separate audio and video) workflows.

When we considered what was needed for this workflow we realized we weren’t facing a simple rewrite, but like Final Cut Pro X itself, a complete rethink. Even better we’ve been able to make it much more affordable, reducing the price from $495 down to $199.99.  Here’s the press release:

Industry Standard Sync-N-Link X Redesigned for Final Cut Pro

Burbank, CA (April 10, 2012) – Intelligent Assistance, Inc, has redesigned Sync-N-Link X, a powerful batch synching application for dual system audio post-production, that takes advantage of the powerful new metadata capabilities in Final Cut Pro X. Sync-N-Link X offers a range of new features and capabilities to streamline fast paced, professional workflows.

“Sync-N-Link X alleviates the time-consuming chore of synchronizing dailies or rushes by processing an Event of clips with matching Timecode into merged clips, ready for editorial,” says Intelligent Assistance CEO Philip Hodgetts.

Sync-N-Link X now more accurately matches video and audio clips by using content creation dates. In addition, the new version supports multiple audio clips within a merged clip to support cases where audio recording was stopped and restarted during a take.

Final Cut Pro X’s powerful Keyword features are used to group all synched clips with the “Synched” keyword attached to the video range – essentially trimming the clip to the video duration in one step before editing begins. Clips that could not be matched are given the “Not Synched” Keyword for easy searching and troubleshooting.

Sync-N-Link X gives the user dynamic control over track playback during editorial by supporting user-assignable Audio Subroles to second system and camera audio tracks. The subroles can be used for a wide range of organization and versioning tasks, while providing flexible options for file export.

Another new Sync-N-Link X feature optionally saves out a batch of QuickTime reference movies for the synchronized clips (with camera audio removed) ready for compression or review and approval workflows on the web.

Sync-N-Link-X is available today for purchase at and coming soon to the Mac App Store for US$199.99.

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  1. Hey Philip,

    When can we expect it in the app store?



    1. Sync-N-Link X has been submitted so we’re just waiting for the review process, currently taking about 6 working days, so I’d expect Friday this week or Monday next in the MAS.

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