Xto7 Updated to 1.1.10

Xto7 for Final Cut Pro translates the new Final Cut Pro X Project XML (fcpxml) and converts it for import into Final Cut Pro 7. Your Final Cut Pro X Project becomes a Final Cut Pro 7 Sequence.

Your Final Cut Pro Sequence XML is ready for:

  • Color
  • Final Cut Server
  • Premiere Pro and then dynamic link toAfter Effects
  • Soundbooth
  • Encore (for real Blu-ray authoring)
  • Final Cut Pro 7 more…
Version 1.1.10:

  • Improved detection of synchronized clips
  • Bug fix for audio level keyframes

4 thoughts on “Xto7 Updated to 1.1.10”

  1. Hi Philip,

    I am having trouble with Xto7. The titles didn’t come in so well (I can deal with that) but also some of the audio tracks didn’t come in at all. Can I send you an XML to check or any advice? Thanks. David

  2. Hi Philip
    Two days ago I bought Xto7 1.1.11 in AppleStore.I carefully follow the instruction
    but the program does’t work with latest version FCPX 10.05 which I also bought lately from the same source.Can you give me any advice.
    Thanks Janusz

    1. There is, unfortunately, a bug in the current App Store version of Xto7. We submitted an update over a week ago so it should be approved today or tomorrow. If you can’t wait, please email info@intelligentassistance.com for a workaround using a beta of the non-App Store version.

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