Why my posts have slowed

I recognize that the frequency of posting has slowed, but when you’re in production with a constantly floating starting point it takes time. Given the delays for Solar Odyssey we’ve been shooting as if we had already started. It may become part of the show, it might be a special, or it might end up on the metaphoric cutting room floor.

Today’s video blog was shot with an NEX 7 from the passenger seat.


While this one and those previous were shot with a GoPro Hero.


We can go back to the GoPro or stick with the NEX 7 approach. Which do you think works better?

9 thoughts on “Why my posts have slowed”

  1. I vote for the GoPro based on these two examples. Maybe it is only because the NEX7 is handheld and the GoPro is mounted on the windscreen, but the GoPro example shows cleaner to my eyes.

    1. Thanks. Today’s is a iphone because I didn’t have charged GoPro batteries and we’d flattened the NEX 7 today.

    1. Good comments John. I kind of like the GoPro version and we should revert to that now I’ve got it worked out. Todd was handling the GoPro last week.

  2. Considering you are using the NEX for the actual show, id choose a different preferably lower quality look for the behind the scenes.

  3. I like the look and even more so the audio from the new-7. the gopro has just a bit to much distortion for my taste.

  4. Having shot in a moving vehicle on many occasions and for Solar Odyssey I vote for the GoPro Hero HD2, unless you can suction mount the NEX-7. Hand holding a camera lends itself to shaking on road bumps or when the driver makes a hard right turn.

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