Is Collaborative or Cloud Editing here yet?

Is Cloud Editing ready for prime time? One reviewer at takes a look at current (or near future) offerings from Adobe and Avid.

Both companies take a similar approach – storing media and doing all editing remotely, feeding only the result down an adaptive pipeline with high resolution stills updated when playback stops. I also think both are aimed at “private” clouds where only the one organization’s folk work in that cloud, as opposed to a service run by Adobe or Avid. Neither have announced any service-based options (to date).

Terence Curren and I discussed collaborative editing and the likely outcomes last year in Episode 40: Will we be outsourced or automated out of existence?

A Year’s Work in a Small Software Company

You know how the end of the year comes up and you wonder where the year went? Well, Greg (my partner who writes our software) calculated where his year went:

Event Manager X,  released July 2011 (7 updates over 6 months in 2011; 9 updates in 2012)

 Xto7 for Final Cut Pro  a.k.a Project Xto7, released October 2011 (8 updates in 2 months during 2011; 17 updates in 2012)

7toX for Final Cut Pro, released  January 30, 2012 (16 updates over 11 months)

Sync-N-Link X, released April 2012 (5 updates over 8 months)

Sequence Clip Reporter , 7 updates in 2012

With updates to our other Final Cut Pro 7 software, it’s a total of  63 releases or updates to apps in a year, or more than one a week.