Lunch with Thomas Quinn: Documentary Producer

Thomas Quinn is a writer/producer/editor for documentary and historic re-enactment productions for cable TV, mostly Discovery. He specializes in production in exotic and remote locales. You can find his quite impressive body of work on IMDB.

Thomas Quinn for opening


Tom’s career as a writer/director/producer of documentaries for Discovery 0’ 19”

How do you get a job traveling on someone else’s dime? (Career start) (Including a discussion of how Media 100 and Final Cut Pro X have played a role in his career)  8’ 10”

Affect of Final Cut Pro X on Intelligent Assistance (Philip)   14’ 38”

Motion vs After Effects?   16’ 22”    19’ 02”

Democratization – can ‘anyone’ do production?   19’ 58”

How has technology change, changed your job  26’ 19”

Changing programming styles 27’ 31”

It must be tough for shooters   34’ 48”

Productions opportunities abound  37’ 12”

Implications of abundant cameras for documentarians  37’ 45”

Talent distinguishes people  38’ 49”

What changes do you expect to affect your career going forward?  40’ 55”

Contacting Tom   45’ 12”

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