Lunch with Bart Neckebroeck

The next guest in the Lunch with Philip and Greg series, is Bart Neckebroeck.

Bart Key imageBart is a freelance trainer for Adobe, Avid and Apple NLEs and a freelance editor on Media Composer and Final Cut Pro. He has produced his own films and documentaries and brings an interesting insight into the state of NLEs and production in his native Belgium.

Introduction 0’ 25”
Career History 0’ 58”
The modern training business 6’ 38”
Final Cut Pro X Release (Philip’s Story) 8’ 46”
Who is Apple?  10’ 37”
Final Cut Pro X ecosystem 11’ 41:
Modern Production and NLEs 13’ 06”
What’s the future of FCP X and Apple going to bring? 15’ 16”
Hard boiled egg and food supply comparison 19’ 33”
Traveling activities  20’ 38”
Democratization  22’ 17”
Pricing software and training in an age of democratization 23’ 00”
Blackmagic Resolve 24’ 47″
 Adobe Creative Suite  25’ 50”
Avid’s advantage 27’ 47”
Is Final Cut Pro X Faster? 31’ 52”
Finding plug-ins 34’ 33”
Plug-in knowledge  38’ 05”
Freelance Talent  39’ 53”
Biggest change during career 40’ 36”
What do you expect to change? 45’ 15”
Contact information  49’ 13″

2 thoughts on “Lunch with Bart Neckebroeck”

  1. Bart, as a trainer, may do better to take after Ripple Training. Instead of charging so much for individual training which he says is not working for him, perhaps create training videos that cost no more than $49 or less. Something that someone purchasing a $300 software program(FCPX) will buy to help learn more of the details. I think he is right, I would not pay $500 or more for individual training. I did however buy a couple training programs to learn it, at more reasonable prices.

  2. Hey K.Bayquoi,

    I know, and we have been discussing this already long time ago. But it sounds simple, but is very difficult to make, to keep on refreshing and to put in the market. We did the excercice try-outs, it cost enormes amount money to get it running. I think we looked at it for 2 years how we could do and compeet and it ended it was all about money and competition.

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