Lunch with Rick Young

Rick Young has worked in television and video production since the late 1980’s. He bought his first DV camera in 1997 and since then, has established himself as a single-operator Producer/Director with a passion for affordable filmmaking. Rick is the editor for Movie Machine, a website devoted to the art and technology of digital filmmaking. He is the author of numerous books including The Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X (Focal Press) and more.

Rick Key Image 1

You can find more about Rick at his Movie Machine site.

Introduction, Rick’s work  0’ 15”

A citizen of the world  3’ 10”

Growing up Australian  4’ 12”

Career start  5’ 17”

Democratization  10’ 10”

Embracing Change 14’ 11”

Evolving production styles  and technology 15’ 22”

Tape to Digital Evolution  17’ 56”

Changing Economic Environment  26’ 05”

Changing Expectations  31’ 38”

Camera styles and preferences  34’ 06

4K uses and challenges  37’ 19”

Most significant change in career so far?  39’ 00”

Having backups  40’ 54”

First NLE System  43’ 11”

Biggest Change Expected  44’ 18”

Editing by thought?  49’ 21”

How Media Composer “ruined” editing  50’ 43”

Career Advice to younger self  51’33”