LWPG with Dave Basulto

Our lunch guest David Basulto graduated from being the media arts and animation instructor at award-winning San Marino High School in Southern California to an accidental entrepreneur and founder of iOgrapher.  After seeing the shift to digital, he dove head first into learning as many tools as possible and fell in love with the iPad, leading to the development of the first iOgrapher devices.


He has had a interesting career as an actor and producer before becoming an education and later, entrepreneur.

Apologies for the audio for Philip. He failed to turn on the his individual recorder.

Introduction to Dave  1’ 12”

How the iOgrapher came about

Accidental Entrepreneur  3’ 49”

Dealing with the business side  5’ 21”

Dave’s history and career start

Democtratization  8’ 00”

What’s the biggest change so far?  12’ 15”

The future of storytelling  15’ 04”

The challenge of every changing iOS devices  21’ 10”

App Development 25’ 00”

Dealing with democratization  28’ 42”

Including Building an Audience

How to Build a Social Media Audience  36’ 45”

Career Advice  38’ 15”

Engineering in the 1950’s and 60’s  42’ 42”

Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary DVD  Anecdote

Working with famous people  45’ 23”

Lifestyle Businesses  48’ 12”

Living Healthy  50’ 33”

Biggest change going forward  52’ 55”

Retirement  55’ 07”