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LWPG with Steve Martin

Steve Martin is the creative force behind Ripple Training and has been using and teaching Final Cut Pro since 1999. Since Final Cut Pro’s introduction, he has introduced thousands of people to Final Cut Pro through his classes, workshops and training products. He has consulted and/or trained for Apple, Adobe, Disney, Canon, Walmart and other companies.  He is also a writer, producer and avid photographer. We caught up with Steve for lunch at the 2016 Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit on October 31st.

Introduction  0’ 30”

Career Start  2’ 57”

Apple Certified Train the Trainer   6’ 30”

Software and storytelling  7’ 54”

Marketing is about telling stories  8’ 20”

Democratization  13’ 06”

Marketing – driving people to your content  15’ 00”

Biggest Change  15’ 51”

Drones  18’ 20”

Final Cut Pro X  21’ 30”

Running a business dependent on larger companies (the future of training)  32’ 06”

Marketing Relationships & ‘Youtility’  34’ 38”

Biggest change going forward? 38’ 11”

Internet famous – motivation  40’ 25”

Moving out of Los Angeles  45’ 24”

Summarize your position in life right now  47’ 15”