First AI Music Album is a collaborative effort

Futurism have an article about a new album I AM AI (a nice palindrome) from Taryn Southern and an “artist” credited as Amper. Amper, you will not be surprised to discover at this point:

Amper is an artificially intelligent music composer, producer, and performer. The AI was developed by a team of professional musicians and technology experts, and it’s the the very first AI to compose and produced an entire music album.

As my thinking about AI has evolved, I have been convinced that the future – at least the immediate future – is about augmenting human abilities. As the article points out: 

Amper isn’t meant to act totally on its own, but was designed specifically to work in collaboration with human musicians: “One of our core beliefs as a company is that the future of music is going to be created in the collaboration between humans and AI. We want that collaborative experience to propel the creative process forward.”

While Amper can create music in seconds, it is then reinterpreted by humans before being released. There is a before and after example in the article.

This is where I see AI being useful: enhancing the human creative processes. There have been other examples of AI or Machine Learning enhancing the creative process on stage musicals like Beyond the Fence, that I first wrote about a few months back in AI and the Production Future. Although billed as the first stage musical written by computers it used a series of “algorithms” to help optimize each part of the process.

While AI might take away parts of jobs, there isn’t an example yet, where AI has completely eliminated jobs, although drivers may be first.