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60 Free Vector Graphics for Digital Art Pros

Just thought I’d pass this on in case anyone can use it.

There’s plenty of free vector art out there, but most of it shouldn’t be seen in public, let alone on your latest digital art masterpiece. Here are 60 completely free vector graphics that even the professionals use. They really should cost money, but we’re not complaining!

Check them out here.






4 responses to “60 Free Vector Graphics for Digital Art Pros”

  1. Moises Perez

    Where is the link for the Vector Graphics?

  2. Silly me – link now added.


  3. Moises Perez

    Thanks Philip. What about the information you were using for your great seminars at the DV expo?

  4. They’re now all up at the URL I gave during DV Expo – this domain/?????? – all lower case. All but the Wednesday afternoon presentation, which seems to have completely disappeared from my hard drive in the interim. Most of the content is in other presentations available there.

    Apologies, I didn’t get them up until over the weekend.