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Mik Vitti – Lost in Las Vegas

There have bene many tributes to Mik Vitti but I thought I’d add my thoughts.

When I heard the news Monday morning I went into a mild shock. Mik was a lot younger than I am, and that’s always scary. He also seemed the picture of health. If he knew of the condition that killed him, he never let on.

Mik was a friend both online and in person when I’ve travelled to New York and, of course, at NAB time. So many people have attested to his generosity of spirit, good humor and generally gentle nature.

Appropriately the 2009 NAB Supermeet was dedicated to Mik’s memory with tribute paid by Carey Dissmore and Rob Birnholz and a slideshow of Mik – mostly at user group functions – was presented by Dan Berube.

The International Media Users Group has posted a tribute page.

God speed Mik, you will be missed.