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A good discussion of the segmentation of markets

A good discussion of the segmentation of market into high end (Apple) and “good enough” Acer

While Apple have been claiming the high end markets, others have been working on a different tactic.

On the contrary, companies like Ikea, H. & M., and the makers of the Flip video camera are flourishing not by selling products or services that are “far better” than anyone else’s but by selling things that aren’t bad and cost a lot less. These products are much better than the cheap stuff you used to buy at Woolworth, and they tend to be appealingly styled, but, unlike Apple, the companies aren’t trying to build the best mousetrap out there. Instead, they’re engaged in what Wired recently christened the “good-enough revolution.” For them, the key to success isn’t excellence. It’s well-priced adequacy.






One response to “A good discussion of the segmentation of markets”

  1. Martin Baker

    The article seems a little confused to me.

    I’d argue that “well-priced adequacy” is exactly what companies have been providing to the mid-market for years anyway. The low-end consumer buys on price, the high-end consumer buys on quality and the mid-market consumer is looking for a balance between the two.