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Is Hollywood Overestimating the appeal of 3D?

Is Hollywood Overestimating the Appeal of 3-D? Will higher 3D ticket prices drive people to cheaper enterntainment?

There’s certainly been growing interest in 3D from the studios when 10% of all income in 2009 was from 3D movies (gross receipts). But is it that much better than 2D that people will pay an even higher premium with prices going up last weekend at major chain theaters?






5 responses to “Is Hollywood Overestimating the appeal of 3D?”

  1. Seeing Triple D

    I think the greedy prices are ridiculous and if you have to pay $4 for the glasses then return them, you’re paying to rent them. It’s simply ludicrous and the public will not keep paying that much. They’ll see it in 2D and be fine. The economy isn’t in the best shape.

  2. ross Kelsay

    3D has been around for over 55 years, just another “hot” venue. Will not weather the resession.

  3. Was the appeal of the talkie overestimated? 2D will go the way of the silent film. It’s that simple.

    1. It would be better if you actively engaged the discussion and explained why you think 3D is on par with talkies, rather than just get into “I say” “He says”. I’ve allowed these two posts this time, but usually don’t publish comments that don’t contribute to the conversation.


  4. Yes, 3D has been around for 55 years or so but not in its current digital form, which is superior to analog/anaglyph. I suspect that higher ticket prices for a 3D cinemagraphic experience will sustain despite the recession. The movie business traditionally has always sustained bad times. Paying an extra few bucks to see Avatar 3D was a great escape for me and well worth the money.

    Stereo 3D also provides a new creative vernacular for filmmakers and photographers to work with offering much creative potential as the technology matures,’

    My concern, however, is standardization. As various theater chains and television manufacturers adopt various display technologies and formats, the deliver process will become more complicated and expensive. No matter, I think 3D has a really good chance of succeeding much in the same way surround sound has, leading to mass adoption in the market.